Nirina and Sister of mada
Nirina and Sister of mada singer, songwriter

Nirina and Sister of mada - a magical island

Nirina and sister of mada - fight

Singer and Songwriter, Nirina already impresses by her talent but also her authenticity. Co-produced by Deise Mikhail and Marti di Stefano (co-founders of Red Fish and Tape On) her first album based on guitar sound rocked by heart-pounding rhythm and synthesizers in the spirit of ELP or "Will not Get Fooled Again".

Born in Paris in 1995, Nirina Ralambotiana is of Malagasy origin. Her parents are from the highlands of Madagascar and her great uncle is none other than Mr Razafy a legend of the island.

The first musical session with Marti di Stefano and Deise Mikhail was truly magical and this is what has given them want to prolong the adventure. Studio work, but also to prepare for concerts because Nirina will give an extra dimension to her music on stage. Small stages are also planned that's why acoustic versions, guitar, piano and vocals, are worked for each new song.

Nirina, besides preparing her debut album, participates in the collective project of Elektra. "Fight" is the first single. In the video, shot in Cannes, the filmmaker Marti di Stefano goes in search of the actresses who have magnified La Croisette in the 60's, probably inspired by the beauty of Nirina.


Experimental film by Marti di Stefano

Fight - Elektra feat. Nirina

Nirina moves from dream to her debut album.

Nirina and sister of mada

The young and very talented singer and songwriter is currently preparing her debut album.